Alfred: “Why don't you hire them and take the weekend off?
Bruce: “That wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I said I wanted to inspire people
Alfred and Bruce[src]

The "Batmen", or the Batmen Militia, were a group of people who were inspired by Batman to fight crime and corruption in Gotham City. Members of the party had suffered injustice and decided to follow in Batman's footsteps, albeit with the contrasting intention of murdering criminals instead of apprehending them to the proper authorities, which is presumably why Batman refuses their assistance and has them arrested. Noted members were Anton and the former cop, Brian Douglas.


Unlike Batman, the Batmen used firearms such as shotguns and sub machine guns which possibly means they killed criminals instead of imprisoning them. Additionally, they don't have the same protective armor which they substitute with weaker gear such as rubber suits and padded vests, many of which were meant for use in Hockey as Batman pointed out when they asked what's the difference between them and him.

Relationship with Batman

Brian Douglas: “What gives you the right? What's the difference between you and me?
Batman: “I'm not wearing hockey pads!
―Brian and Batman.


Brian Douglas, murdered by the Joker.

Bruce never wanted the idea of the Batman to actually encourage people to directly deal with criminals since they didn't really know how. He believed they were extremely dangerous, not only to his reputation, but to others and ultimately themselves.

While he understood they were only trying to help, to him they only made things worse. Because of this, he always apprehended and subdued Batmen on sight like the time he intervened a botched drug deal between The Chechen and Scarecrow.

Known members


  • The Batmen had some similarities to the Sons of Batman from the Frank Miller story Batman: The Dark Knight, namely being a group that was heavily inspired by Batman himself, and despite modeling themselves after Batman were also demonstrated to be perfectly willing to kill criminals despite it being something the real Batman was against. Unlike the Sons of Batman, however, Batman often fights against them (although he did fight against some of them back when they were under the command of the Mutant Leader).
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