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The Batmen of All Nations also known as the Club of Heroes and the International Club of Heroes is an international team of vigilantes lead by Batman which consists of vigilantes who were inspired or otherwise take influence from Batman.

The Batmen of All-Nations first appeared in Detective Comics #215 in the January of 1955 then as a team first appeared in World's Finest #89 in the August of 1957. As of 2011, the team was reimagined as Batman Incorporated.


Silver Age (Earth One)[]

Across the world, the exploits of Batman and Robin had inspired different individuals to take up Batman and Robin inspired aliases to fight crime and corruption. This lead to the Australian, "Batman" known as the Ranger to send a letter to Gotham City, requesting Batman trains the heroes he inspired. Following this, Batman had several of the heroes come to Gotham for training.

During this training time, a criminal known as Knots Cardine decided to go on a mass crime-spree. Batman was able to foil the criminals plans and in doing so earned the respect of his vigilante contemporaries.

The team of the Club of Heroes was assembled by eccentric billionaire John Mayhew in the city of Metropolis. To decide on a leader for the team and likewise to decide who he would give the deed to the property, each hero was asked to perform a great feat with the winner being made the leader. Despite this, practically every member believed the leader should be Batman or Superman and would subdue their own feats so that one of the two could become leader of the Club.

Due to a kryptonite meteor fragment orbiting the Earth, Superman would have blackouts in-which he'd become the superhero "Lightning Man" who was eventually deemed leader of the club. However Lightning Man's identity was eventually discovered and Superman was deemed the club leader.

Post-Crisis (New Earth)[]


Original Members (of the Club of Heroes)[]

  • John Mayhew: A reclusive billionaire.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight who inspired and sometimes even trained the other vigilantes (excluding Superman of-course).
  • Superman/Lightning Man: The Man of Steel of Metropolis and his subconscious alter-ego of Lightning Man, created from a psychotic episode caused by a Kryptonite meteor orbiting Earth.
  • Robin: Batman's then ward and apprentice, Dick Grayson.
  • Legionary: Alphonso Giovanni is an Italian vigilante who took influence from Roman soldiers to become The Legionary. He came to be corrupt and was bought off by Rome's criminals, leading to his effective retirement. In his retirement he exploited his lost fame for press and took to gaining weight until being murdered by Wingman in the style of Julius Caesar.
  • Knight:
  • Squire:
  • Squire (II):
  • Musketeer: Jean-Marie (last-name unknown) is a French vigilante he models himself after the romanticized Musketeers of 18th century France, primarily using a rapier sword to fight. He came to be a founding member of the heroic Global Guardians but disappeared due to a manslaughter charge. Jean-Marie went on to spend many years in a French prison alongside his enemies.
  • El Gaucho: Santiago Vergas AKA El Gaucho is an Argentinian vigilante and a skilled horseback rider.

Assorted Members[]

  • Bat-Hombre: Luis Peralda was never an official member of the ranks but matched their description. He was a supposed vigilante from the nation of Mantegua, South America. However, this vigilante identity was only assumed to distract from him being an agent of the drug-cartel leader El Papagayo. He was later defeated by Batman and Robin.
  • Man-of-Bats: William "Bill" Great-Eagle was a Lakota American-indigenous vigilante from South Dakota, USA. He was a military doctor who served in Iraq and became a vigilante alongside his son, Charles AKA Little Raven. He came to retire to more directly care for his community.
  • Raven Red: Charles Great-Eagle AKA Raven Red AKA Little Raven was the son and sidekick of Man-of-Bats. After his father's effective retirement, Charles went rogue as Raven Red and took up more traditional crime-fighting.
  • Wingman: Wingman AKA Benedict Rundstrom was a Swedish vigilante who was a jealous man who refused to have taken any influence from Batman or the other Batmen and who even (falsely) claimed to have been Wingman long before Batman was operating in Gotham. He was later manipulated by John Mayhew into killing Legionary and Ranger before having been killed by an accomplice.
  • The Ranger: The Ranger AKA The Dark Ranger was an Australian vigilante who themed himself after Australian bushwhackers. He later changed his theme to have more of a Space Ranger gimmick and became progressively more violent and ruthless.
  • Scout: Johnny Riley was Ranger's Australian-indigenous sidekick.

Appearances in Other Media[]

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: In this TV show, the team appears in the episodes Powerless! and Mitefall!. They are shown to have enemies in the form of the Jokers of All Nations, a team of Joker-inspired criminals from across the globe. The hero Impala is also shown to be a member of their ranks whereas he was never featured as such in the comics.