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This new flying Batmobile was first introduced in the Batman Beyond episode, "Black Out", when Terry McGinnis had to pursue the shape shifting criminal Inque, and has used it ever since. It can be assumed that Bruce Wayne must have built it some time after he retired as Batman, as when he retired, that sort of technology was probably not present yet to make that sort of Flying car, and its design is more similar to other flying cars of the Beyond era.

Its design is a radical departure from the usual style of Batmobiles, as they usually have a bat motif, from a bat faceplate on the grill, to tail fins resembling bat wings. The new Batmobile is a simple sleek pod with sharp angles and rounded sides. Its interior is a red illuminated single person cockpit, with computer circuitry and displays visible all around.


The New Batmobile has shown to have various gadgets and abilities. Among them are

  • An interface that connects the Batmobile with the Batsuit, Presumably allowing for easier control of the vehicle
  • A jet thruster, apparently capable of speeds of up to Mach 3
  • Dual entrances on both the top, and the bottom, where it opens in a circle, allowing Terry to fly in.
  • A projected screen that connects to the Bat cave's computer, allowing Bruce Wayne and Terry to see each other while they talk
  • An on board computer with a keyboard, which allows Terry to track an enemy on screen or communicate via text (Terry and Bruce are forced to do so when the villain Shriek sends out sound waves that interfere with the air molecules that carry human speech, causing all of Gotham to not understand each other)
  • A radar
  • Super magnets that can secure to the top of a vehicle and "tow" it
  • Clamps, (As used by Bruce Wayne in the episode "Lost Soul", where he had to remote deactivate the Bat Suit when it was possessed by the virtual soul of a dead business tycoon while Terry was still in it. A pair of clamps lower and grab Terry by the arms, carrying him away)
  • Grappling hook claw able to be electrified (Used on Superman in the episode "The Call part 2" electrocuting him, freeing his mind from the mind controlling alien creature, Starro that had attached to his chest)
  • Grappling hooks similar to the ones on the Batsuit's arms
  • Cloaking device
  • Missiles
  • an on board video recorder
  • Video link to the Batcave's computer
  • Ability to be remotely called to Terry's location (It is interesting to note that while the Batsuit has this ability to call the Batmobile to him, Terry has apparently incorporated another remote in his normal belt.)