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The Batmobile was Batman's personal method of transportation. Developed by both the Dark Knight and Lucius Fox, the car came equipped with multiple gadgets and equipment to aid Batman in fighting crime.


Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox had developed the Batmobile before the Children of Arkham's attack on Gotham. The duo had fitted it with multiple tools and weapons for him to use against Gotham's criminals and aid his investigations into their activities. In addition, the Batmobile had the ability to transform into a red sports car for Bruce to use personally.

Batman frequently used the Batmobile as transport between areas of Gotham's streets or to reach areas in time. The Batmobile could also be used to transport his equipment to him discreetly. The Batmobile was often stored either within the Batcave or in the lab beneath Wayne Tower. The car was affected in Penguin's hack of the Batcomputer, though Batman was able to use it after his defeat.

By the battles with the Pact, the Batmobile had become synonymous with Batman and his operations. Should Joker become a vigilante, he will create his own Jokermobile based on the car.


The Batmobile featured multiple gadgets and tools for Batman to use in the field, including:

  • Changeable Armor Plates, allowing it to transform into Bruce Wayne's personal sports car[1]
  • Storage Compartments for the Batsuit and other equipment[2]
  • Turbine Engines
  • Remote Control via the Batsuit, Bruce's cellphone and Batcomputer[3]
  • Inbuilt Communications Equipment and USB Drive
  • An Ejector Seat[4]
  • Fog Lights bright enough to stun foes temporarily[5]
  • Navigational Equipment[6]
  • Grappling Hooks with Tow Cables[7]
  • A Passive Anti-Surveillance System to detect and disable monitoring technology brought into the car[8]
  • An Incubator Chamber for disposing of biological agents and weapons[9]


The Batmobile doubling as Bruce Wayne's personal car was possibly inspired by early Batman stories. The car also shares a red color scheme whilst disguised as the sports car.