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Bats are animals frequently found in the company of Batman. As a child Bruce Wayne fell into the Batcave and suffered a traumatic experience from seeing bats in the dark while injured. The bats beneath Wayne Manor continued to appear after the murder of his parents, one even flying into his father's study - the inspiration for his vigilante persona. Most of his technology has bat wing scallops, he even has a Ultrasonic Bat Beacon to summon swarms of bats. In turn, many others turned to bats for symbolism in direct reference to Batman himself.

Notable bats[]

Other individuals inspired by bats because of Batman[]

Other individuals inspired by bats[]

  • Man-Bat - Dr. Kirk Langstrom turned to research on bats to cure his failing hearing. A bat-derived serum tragically mutated his cellular structure, causing his physiology to quickly adopt the features of a bat.

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Notable technology named and inspired by bats[]

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