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"Something is approaching. Very large, very fast..."
―The Poodle Lady[src]

The Batskiboat[1] was a water vehicle. It was a single-seater and had a similar arsenal to the Batmobile, including torpedo launchers.


Batman Returns[]

"I'm homing in on the signal's origin."
―Batman to Alfred.[src]

Batman used the Batskiboat to travel through Gotham's sewers and find the Penguin's lair. It also had a radar, which could be used by Batman to scan above and below the surface of the city. Batman was able to use that to study the positions of the Penguin Army who were prepared to attack Gotham Plaza. Communicating with Alfred in the Batcave, they were able to jam and altar the signal that controlled them through their headgear and redirect them back. After infiltrating the waterway to the lair, Batman used the skiboat to destroy the Penguin's duck vehicle as he tried to flee after the rest of the gang abandoned him out of fear of the boat's approach. The Batskiboat was able to ram through the old entrance exterior of Arctic World and land at the upper ground level unscathed. After emerging, Batman searched for him in the wreckage of his duck. Penguin was able to elude him by crawling under the Batskiboat and shortly after jumped off the top of it to initiate a surprise physical confrontation when he turned his back.


Batskiboat after tearing through Paenguin's duck vehicle.

Later Batman tricked the Penguin into using a device that released and attracted a swarm of bats he had stored in the Batskiboat. The swarm from the boat caused the Penguin to fall down to his death through the skylight of his lair. The Batskiboat was never used again, possibly due to sustaining damage by the Penguin rockets that decimated a large portion of the Old Zoo. Batman later used a more traditional type of water vehicle that was called the Batboat.

Behind the Scenes[]

Two Batskiboats models were made for the filming of the tunnel sequence. The first was too heavy to perform the stunts required. A full-size version 7.6 meters long and 4.9 meters wide was constructed for Michael Keaton to emerge from on set.


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