The Third Batsuit reverted back to a chest plate, which resembled sculpted musculature, but with a darker Bat-insignia and Utility Belt. That was also the first Batsuit that featured protruding nipples on the pectorals and all other anatomical detail was kept vague.

Batman ForeverEdit

That Batsuit was more stream-lined in anatomical design than the previous angular plated armor. It was also the first to feature a completely different Utility Belt: it was black/silver-tinted with larger capsules instead of a dull-gold one and the chest emblem was dark gold/bronze. A notable feature of that Batsuit was a button on the Utility Belt which caused a fireproof coating to excrete from and cover the cape, which allowed Batman to wrap it around himself as a shield from extreme fires.

After the regular Batsuits were destroyed by The Riddler, Bruce was forced to use a prototype Sonar Batsuit, an iridescent silvery-black suit that possessed a more armor-like design and was more even than the Second Batsuit.



Behind the ScenesEdit

Jose Fernandez designed and sculpted this batsuit under direction from Bob Ringwood and Joel Schumacher. Schumacher wanted a strong influence of beauty for that costume, which was influenced by the statues of Ancient Greece.

Trivia Edit

  • That Batsuit was dubbed the "Panther Suit" during Production in ordere to distinguish it from the Sonar Batsuit at the end of Batman Forever.
  • The Batshop Crew spent 7 weeks designing versions of that costume to fit Michael Keaton before he dropped out.
  • The Batsuits in Batman Forever were created from a less dense mixture of foam rubber than in previous films, which resulted in much lighter suits and allowed more flexibility for Val Kilmer and the various stunt doubles, while it increased durability.
  • More than 100 Batman and Robin Costumes were created to allow for the range of stunts in Batman Forever from underwater scenes to scenes involving fire and extreme fighting.

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