"I hope they can find the little black box!"
―The Riddler.[src]

The Batwing was the second flying craft that was developed by Batman, following the destruction of the original aircraft by The Joker. When it was not in use, the Batwing was stored in the Batcave and hung upside down from the ceiling like a bat.


Batman ForeverEdit

After he agreed to a partnership with Robin, Batman flew that Batwing to Claw Island to end Two-Face and The Riddler's reign of terror. On the way, Batman drove through the Batsignal and gave "thumbs up" to Commissioner James Gordon from the cockpit of the Batwing as he flew through it. Upon approach of Claw Island, Riddler fired a high-powered laser at the Batwing, and caused it to crash into Gotham Harbor. Batman then ejected its wings, and piloted the Batwing in its Batsub Mode. When he found Robin being attacked by Riddler's Frogmen, Batman ejected himself through the front of the Batsub and fought them.

The Batsub was abandoned, and that Batwing was never restored.

Batman & RobinEdit

The Batwing's schematics were seen on Alfred's laptop computer after his niece, Barbara Wilson, guessed his password and learned of Bruce and Dick's alter-ego's.



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