"The Cradle of Civilization"

Batwing battles a masked villain named Massacre who's sole purpose, as he states it, is to murder as many people as possible. Batwing seems to get the upper hand until he is alarmed to see Massacre take notice of a large bus full of people. Massacre makes the comment that "We honor them all in blood", which sets Batwing to have a series of flashbacks to how he got to this point. Batwing reflects on six weeks prior, as he tackles members of a drug cartel run by a man called Blood Tiger near Tinasha, Congo, receiving assistance and instructions from his benefactor, Batman. Batwing flies off with Blood Tiger in order to get information from him, but discovers, instead, a pile of mutilated corpses in a small shack.

Batwing is next seen in his civilian guise of Tinasha Police Officer David Zavimbe. He discusses the slaughter of the previous night with fellow officer, Kia Okuru, who had been assigned the case. Kia Okuru informs him that she had discovered a wallet with an id inside. The name on the id was for a man named Dede Yeboah.

Back at Batwing's base of operations, referred to as 'The Haven', Batwing and Batman discuss the known information regarding Dede Yeboah and as Batwing expresses his gratitude toward Batman for establishing his base and filling it with computers, weaponry and various tools, Matu Ba, Batwing's aging and cycloptic aide, reminds him not to undersell himself as the most important part of this new endeavour of crime fighting. The three compatriots discuss the case and as Batwing's computer opens a sealed military file on Yeboah, Batwing and Matu are shocked to learn that he had been one of Africa's first super-heroes, known as Earth Strike, a founding member of a JLA-esque group in Africa known as The Kingdom. They discuss how five years ago the Kingdom fought to free their country and then strangely and suddenly disappeared from public view.

Later, David returns to his day job and enters his precinct's HQ only to discover that the building is filled with dead, dismembered bodies of his fellow officers. As he reels in shock, he is grabbed from behind by Massacre, who then stabs a large machete through his back and out his chest.

To be continued next issue...


"The Cradle of Civilization"



  • Africa (Flashback and Main Story)



  • In one scene, a strange woman with glowing eyes and a purple cloak is seen watching Batwing in his civilian identity. This woman first appeared in Flashpoint #5 and made a similar cameo in every #1 for The New 52.


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