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Batwoman was Earth-11's counterpart to Batman. Earth-11's recent history reflects that of New Earth, as both Wonder Man and others note the killing of Maxine Lord for the murder of Booster, and mind controlling of Superwoman.


Batwoman's history and adventures are unknown, but presumably similar to the exploits of Batman, her New Earth counterpart. She was a hero of long standing, an ally of her world's Superwoman and an inspiration to her world.

Recently, she and her fellow heroes fought against an army of male Amazonian warriors when they invaded Washington DC.

Powers and Abilities

Batwoman presumably has abilities equivalent to her New Earth counterpart.

Behind the scenes

  • This Batwoman's name is unidentified. However, as Earth-11's Green Arrow is named Olivia, and Kyle Rayner is Kylie, Batwoman's true name may be Bryce, Katherine Kane, Stephanie Brown or something similar.
  • In Superman/Batman #24, Batman called her Helena, whom she apparently has a passing resemblance. Batwoman doesn't deny it, thus it may be her name.
  • A version of this Batwoman appeared in Superman #349 titled "The Turnabout Trap!". In this tale, Superman returns from an interstellar mission to find that everyone on Earth are of opposite sex. Among them are Penny White (a female Perry White), Jenny Olsen (a female Jimmy Olsen), Louis Lane (a male Lois Lane), Batwoman, Wonder Warrior (a male Wonder Woman), Black Condor (a male Black Canary), and Superwoman (his gender-reversed counterpart). Believed he crossed into a parallel universe, Superman flies back into space to find a dimensional portal, but is blocked by an invisible barrier. He noticed the parallelism isn't completely accurate when he sees Superwoman and Clara Kent (Superwoman's presumed secret identity) are two separate people. After a battle with Superwoman, Superboy (a male Supergirl), and Wonder Warrior, Superman figures out that his foe Mr. Mxyzptlk is behind this gender-reversed world; Superman discovers as well that he was never in a parallel universe, but rather on Earth, which Mxyzptlk had altered with his magic. After making Mxyzptlk say his name backwards and thus returning to his native dimension, the effects of Mxyzptlk's magic vanish, returning the Earth to normal.


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