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In Gotham City, Mayor Hill makes an announcement about making the city a safer and better place. Soon, a random car flies in wrecking the stage that Mayor Hill was on. The men were arrested and Mayor Hill came out okay. Hill then goes back to his mansion with his son Jordan to set up for Jordan's birthday party. As he sets up, Jordan complains about not having his friends over and only inviting his father's friends. Soon, the guests and Jekko the Clown arrive. Except, it's not actually Jekko, but Joker in disguise. The guest have fun and drink, while Jordan complains about his father being selfish. So Jekko then does magic tricks including making things disappear. Jordan asks him how to do it and he explains it to him in three steps, 1.) Run away. 2.) Find a magician. 3.) Steal his act....



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