Berg was a patrolman with the Gotham City Police Department who attempts to kill Coleman Reese.


Berg was chosen by Commissioner James Gordon to accompany him to find and protect Coleman Reese after The Joker threatened the lawyer's life while on Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel. The Joker had brought up the invitation for the citizens of Gotham to attempt to kill Reese, otherwise he'd "blow up a hospital". In response, a frightened, angry crowd assembled in front of the building. As Gordon, Reese, and the officers approached the front doors, a man stepped forward from the crowd, drew a handgun, and fired a shot into the glass window, prompting the police to escort Reese to a side exit, whereupon they entered a waiting car. During the drive, Gordon received an anonymous text message on his cell phone, with the messages: "Watch out"; "Cops with relatives in Gotham Hospitals"; "Ramirez, Berg".

"It's Berg, isn't it?" Gordon asked the young, sweating officer across from him. When he noticed how Berg was holding his weapon, Gordon asks for it. "Why?" Berg asked, his grip tightening. "Why, because my wife's in the hospital?" The vehicle came to a stop at a 4-way intersection. Unbeknownst to Gordon, Bruce Wayne was following the car in his Lamborghini, who notices an anxious man in a truck on the right of the intersection. When the light turned green, Berg raised his weapon to fire on Reese, only to be thwarted by Gordon who pushed the muzzle upwards, causing the weapon to fire into the vehicle's roof. At the same time, the man in the truck zoomed into the intersection to drive into the car carrying Reese, but was stopped by Bruce Wayne's Lamborghini Murciélago LP640.

It is unknown what happened to Berg after the incident.

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