"Allies" is the eighth episode of Beware the Batman.


Tobias Whale is the most powerful gangster in Gotham City, and, after years of trying, Batman just got the evidence to put him away. But Whale is not going to be harpooned easily. After his lawyer tells Lieutenant Gordon to free Whale or else, the gangster has James's daughter Barbara Gordon kidnapped and held in “The Cauldron,” the most dangerous part of Gotham. Even the cops are afraid of this place, but not Batman. With Alfred and Katana’s help, they stage a raid on the Cauldron, which is populated by a frightening group of thugs called themselves “the Ghosts.” As it turns out, the Ghosts aren’t the most fearsome threat. Barbara Gordon is being guarded by Whale's lawyer who is also his enforcer, a dangerous figure with a flaming head who calls himself Phosphorous Rex.

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