Billy Numerous is a minor villain and student at the Hive Academy, where his power of self-duplication was subtly hinted at. After the Academy was destroyed during Cyborg's confrontation with Brother Blood, Numerous and most of the other students went freelance.

Later, Billy engaged in a robbing spree all across Jump City, and he stole anything he and his innumerable clones could get his (their) collective hands on. His power thoroughly confounded the Titans, especially Cyborg, who became all the more obsessed in catching him. Finally, however, Cyborg realized that there was another way of catching Numerous. He and the other Titans confronted Billy in the old stadium where he had stashed his loot, seemingly with numerous copies of themselves. In order to bring them down, Billy created even more clones of himself, but finally pushed his powers too far. The resulting reabsorption of each of his clones caused a massive mental and psychic shock, stunning him and enabling his capture. And to add to the insult, the Titans copies were not actual clones but merely holographic projections created and controlled by Cyborg.

At some point, Billy entered Jinx's H.I.V.E Five and was also recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. As one of the Five, he participated in the attempted capture of Kid Flash, but even his numerous clones were unable to stop the super-speedster. Later, when the Brotherhood executed its world-wide strike against young super-heroes, he and his teammate Gizmo attacked Kole and Gnarrk in their subterranean retreat, but both escaped them. When the remains of the Titans under Beast Boy later attacked the Brotherhood's headquarters, Billy and most of his H.I.V.E. tried to run, but were intercepted by Kid Flash - and aghast to see that Jinx had switched sides and joined up with him. Moments later, they were all swept away by one of Jinx's hexes and carted off by Kid Flash for a quick-freeze treatment.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Billy Numerous has the power to duplicate himself as many times as he wants. His clones are effectively all independent entities who share both Billy's personality and duplication powers. The exact numerical limit of clones he can effectively create is unknown, though it ranges well beyond a hundred. If Billy overtaxes his power, however, all the clones will forcibly re-merge with him, which will lead to a massive shock to his system.

In addition, Billy's physical strength and endurance, while not superhuman, are well beyond the average person's. Working together, he and his clones were able to carry off Jump City's Bay Bridge with nothing more but collective raw muscle power.

Trivia Edit

Billy Numerous was specifically created for the Teen Titans TV series and did not have a previous appearance in the mainstream DC comic line. However, he has since made the jump with his first appearance in the DC Universe in Catwoman #78 (April 2008).

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