Bird was a member of Bane's gang and was instrumental in helping Bane in his efforts become the new crime lord of Gotham. Bird owned a pet falcon which he named Talon.


Bird first encountered Bane on Santa Prisca, the island prison where he was sent after being betrayed on a deal by his partners in Gotham City. Eager to escape and pay back those who had doubled crossed him, Bird allied himself with Bane, teaching him about the outside world, particularly Gotham City. As Bane grew in power and ambition, Bird quickly became his second in command.

After their arrival in Gotham, Bird's underworld connections and knowledge of Gotham would prove valuable to Bane's campaign to bring down the Batman. As well as this, his gift with birds also proved useful, particularly Talon, which he used to spy on both Batman and the Arkham Escapees, such as the Mad Hatter. He also appears to have extensive martial arts training, as shown in his fights with Batman (in a weakened state) and Robin.

Later Bane, learning of Bird being moved to a medium security prison in Florida, breaks him out of prison, while using his connections to find a chemist who makes him a new batch of venom. When Azrael showed up, Bane surprised an unsuspecting Bird, by injecting him with his new highly addictive form of venom. Where Bird then fought Azrael before being defeated, and later tied up along with Azrael and Nomaz, before getting loose and trying to attack Bane for more venom, before Bane hit him and Bird fell to the floor with withdrawals from Bane's new more addictive venom drug.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Falconry
  • Some degree of martial arts
  • Extensive knowledge of Gotham's underworld

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