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"A Far Cry"[]

Three days ago, an Agent Gangemi sends the Gotham City Police Department out of a crime scene, knowing that the murder victim belonged to his organization. All evidence points to Dinah Lance as the killer - having apparently used her Canary Cry at point blank range.

Now, Black Canary and the Birds of Prey are under attack by a group led by a hologram called the Infiltrator. His men Napalm, Flesh, and Head are keeping the team busy with attacks and abilities tailored specially for each of them. Flesh's skin is impervious to Katana's Soultaker Sword; Napalm's flames are meant to counter Poison Ivy's plant attacks - but she is strangely absent; Head's been altered such that Batigirl can't render him unconscious.

As the building goes up in flames, Dinah begs the Infiltrator to let her companions go, and she will come quietly. In order to ensure that she does in fact come quietly, she is fitted with a vocal inhibitor that prevents her from using her Canary Cry.

Somewhere in South Dakota, Ev Crawford breaks into what appears to be a house in the suburbs, but is actually a secret facility. She intends to find information on Dinah, hoping to put to rest her worries that her best friend is a cold-blooded killer. Unfortunately, she is caught in the act by Gangemi.

Before Canary can be captured, Batgirl leaps back in through the window and knocks back her intended captor. Upstairs, Katana uses Flesh's resistance to her blade against him, knocking him back through a hole in the floor, which sends him crashing down in front of Napalm, allowing Batgirl and Black Canary to escape. Inwardly, Dinah feels guilty that her friends would risk their lives for her, when they don't know that she doesn't deserve it.

After she and her adversary come to a mutual agreement not to kill each other, Ev is surprised to hear that Dinah was once a spy, too. Gangemi passes her his file on Dinah Lance, showing that she is believed to have murdered her husband, Kurt Lance.

When Canary and Batgirl are blocked from exiting the building by Flesh and Head, Katana throws Napalm down an elevator shaft, and uses his body to break her fall. His accelerant containers ignite, causing enough distraction for all three women to get out of the building.

Her friends try to urge her on, but Dinah can't take the guilt anymore, and she admits that their attackers were after them because of something she did three years ago. She really did kill her husband.


"A Far Cry"[]