"Perfect Pitch, Part One"

Black Canary, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk and Creote head to Istanbul, where they meet Yasemin, a powerful arms dealer. Huntress, as mobster Helena Bertinelli, demands that Yasemin stop supplying guns to the O'Shanlins in Metropolis and switch to the Sigiorello family in Gotham City. Naturally, Yasemin is less than pleased by this and she attempts to have them killed. Meanwhile, Calculator begins to track down the facts about Oracle, knowing that she is a great strength that the heroes have. He learns from Senator Pullman that te best way to get to her is to endanger those who work for her. And, even as she watches the newly-released footage of Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord, Oracle learns that her healing will probably not progress beyond the point of being able to move her toes - nonetheless, she is delighted with the small amount of movement possible. And Black Canary makes a difficult phone call, arranging to meet Green Arrow for a talk.


"Perfect Pitch, Part One"



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