The Black Glove is a criminal organization of wealthy hedonists lead by Doctor Hurt.  They meet at-least once a year to place bets the deaths of a third party.


The Black Glove was lead (and quite possibly founded) by the immortal satanist Doctor Simon Hurt.  They made bets on human lives, performed human sacrifices to worship Barbatos, and lived by the laws of the Religion of Crime.  Much of the ranks of the team is made up of dictators and amoral billionaires who share the facade of a group of incredibly rich people who throw outrageous parties, but the precise nature of the parties are shrouded in secrecy.

Known Members

  • Doctor Hurt - the apparent mastermind of the organization.
  • Jezebel Jet - a former victim of the Black Glove, now one of its most prominent members.
  • Cardinal Maggi - a man dressed in a simple priest's cassock, accompanied by a young man with a doctor's case. Six months after the wager against Batman he was confirmed as dead by a newspaper article.
  • Al-Khidr - an Arabic man in a Bedouin-style headdress.
  • Sir Anthony - a thin man in a suit; possibly a British national. He was accompanied by a school-age girl whom he kept trying to spoon-feed, suggesting paedophilia. He mentions that he made his fortune in electronics.
  • General Malenkov - a Russian military man dressed in a green dress uniform. He was accompanied by his wife and another young woman. The general was blackmailed by Leviathan into spying for them.[9] He was killed by The Joker.
  • Senator Vine - a short, silent, stocky man in a white suit and a large cowboy hat who smoked a cigar. He was the second-last surviving member of the Black Glove, but was poisoned with Joker venom.
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