Roman Sionis of Earth-43 was, like in many realities, the villain Black Mask and an adversary of Batman, who had become a vampire.


Pre-Crimson Mist

Black Mask's full history is unknown.

Crimson Mist

When the now-vampiric Batman was staked by Alfred and Commissioner Gordon, Black Mask and his gang were among the many criminals who rose up.

When Batman was restored by Alfred and began slaughtering the criminals of Gotham for their blood, Black Mask met with Two-Face's gang to discuss what to do about it. However, Black Mask rejected the offer of an alliance, foolishly believing himself to be untouchable.

Sionis quickly regretted this decision when Batman attacked his hideout and butchered him and his entire gang, proceeding to leave their severed heads on the fences of Blackgate Penitentiary as a warning to the inmates within.

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