This article is about the criminal Derrick Coe, not his predecessor Johnny LaMonica, or the vigilante Eric Needham (who also uses the name Black Spider).

Derrick Coe is the third Black Spider, who was hired by the Calculator to torture Savant, a member of the Birds of Prey. He tends to use the latest in high tech weaponry such as laser assisted rifles. He is an Olympic level athlete and has trained intensely in many forms of physical combat.


Since LaMonica had been killed, other Society members reported that this new Black Spider had been presumed dead. He apparently bought his "villain franchise" from the Calculator. He was revealed to in fact be the successor of Johnny LaMonica, who was unrelated in any way to Needham.

He has donned LaMonica's old costume and equipment, remaining active in Gotham City. Coe also attempted to torture Savant into revealing the identity of Oracle. When Oracle sent in her task force, the Birds of Prey, to rescue Savant, Savant threw Coe out a window, nearly killing him. Black Canary speculated that he may be a metahuman, allowing him to survive the experience.

Coe has resurfaced as member of the revived Injustice League. Both Derrick Coe and Eric Needham are believed to have joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains. It is not discernible, if one Black Spider was sent to Planet Salvation and the other sent to retrieve The Get Out of Hell Card.

Powers and abilities

  • Master Assassin
  • Expert Marksman
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