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Black Spider is an assassin and a member of the League of Shadows.


Young Justice

In Young Justice #3: "Hack and You Shall Find", Black Spider, Cheshire and Hook attended a meeting with Sensei, who gave them instructions to assassinate Selena Gonzalez, the CEO of Farano Enterprises. Black Spider and Hook infiltrated Gonzalez's office. Kid Flash, Robin and Aqualad tried to protect her, but the assassins captured the three young heroes after a short fight. Black Spider tied them up.

In Young Justice #4: "By Hook or by Web", the heroes broke loose and defeated Hook and Black Spider. Selena Gonzalez escaped and was killed by assassins waiting outside. Hook and Spider were taken to jail, but escaped the next day.

In "Infiltrator", Cheshire brought Hook and Black Spider along on the hit on Serling Roquette. Black Spider took on Kid Flash, and though he managed to hit him with his web, the young speedster spun himself deeper in it, pulling Black Spider within kicking distance. He was knocked out by the collision. He was to be taken to Belle Reve Penitentiary, but escaped before arriving there.

In "Insecurity", Black Spider attempted to assassinate Bernell Jones for his work as a reporter, but he was thwarted and subdued by Green Arrow and Artemis.

Powers and Abilities

Black Spider is extremely agile, and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.


Black Spider is equipped with a device on his hand that can shoot a sticky substance resembling a spider's web.

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