Two brothers took the alias of Blockbuster in turn. The first, Mark Desmond, was a chemist who experimented on himself and gained super strength, but also became a mindless brute. He would eventually die fighting Brimstone, a minion of Darkseid. Mark's older brother, Roland Desmond, was mutated when he was treated with experimental steroids, also gaining massive strength.


Mark DesmondEdit

See: Blockbuster (Mark Desmond)

Roland DesmondEdit

See: Blockbuster (Roland Desmond)

The New BlockbusterEdit

Lex Luthor created a new Blockbuster in the pages of the miniseries event 52 to serve as an opponent of his manufactured hero team, Infinity Inc.

Little is revealed about this Blockbuster, save for the fact that Luthor possesses some measure of control of his actions and level of strength. Luthor also comments that he is stronger than either of the two previous Blockbusters. This brute's cognitive abilities and appearance are very similar to the original. Blockbuster, with controlled interference from Lex Luthor, kills the superhero Trajectory.

A Blockbuster appears amongst the villains exiled to an alien world in Salvation Run. In issue #3 it is revealed to be a disguised Martian Manhunter.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

All Blockbusters have super human strength, agility and endurance. They have a high degree of resistance to physical and energy attacks.

After selling his soul to Neron, Roland Desmond gained super intelligence.

In other mediaEdit

  • Mark Desmond has also appeared on The Batman, and was suspected of being absorbed into that series as part of the so-called Bat-Embargo; however, his inclusion in the Secret Society has scuttled this.
  • He is also reportedly featured in David S. Goyer's script for an upcoming Green Arrow film project entitled "Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max".