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Milo567 Milo567 29 May 2023

I'm sorry about my past mistakes

I am making this post to apologize to the people i've been toxic too on this wiki, i'm really sorry. i've changed now and i've become a better person then i was 2 years ago, i don't remember what i did but if it was bad then i am sorry for what i did and i'll try to be better next time around, i've always wanted to edit on this wiki again it's a good wiki but I've been blocked for 2 years so i haven't been able  to improve the pages or redeem myself because i can't even message people, i am a big fan of Batman, i always was, and i hope to improve this wiki more in the future, i will be making this both a post and a blog post to get my message out, once again, i'm really sorry for whatever i did, however i never got a chance to redeem mysel…

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 19 December 2022

Fandom in December: end of year updates

Eyo, my lovely people! With 2022 coming to an end and potential holiday celebrations arriving soon, I wanted to leave you with this last overview of Fandom updates!

  • 1 Extension Review Nomination
  • 2 Technical Updates: December 16, 2022
  • 3 A+ Wiki status
  • 4 Native American Heritage Month roundup

Read the Extension review nomination blog

Every three months, Fandom will review which extension to enable next, and we will do so with your help! If you have an extension in mind that you'd love to see enabled on Fandom, fill out the form with a link to the extension on the relevant page, e.g.

Suggest an Extension to be added to the platform

Extension nomination closes on December 21! You can fill out th…

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Al Timotheus Al Timotheus 28 May 2022

Custom episodes for any Batman show

1. A Tale of Two Harveys - Harvey Bullock vs. Two-Face

2. Face Two Face - Another Two-Face episode, the first to hold this title.

3. Ninth Life - When Selina learns that she has contracted a mysterious terminal illness, having a short time to live, she decides to pull-off one last major heist to be remembered by. Meanwhile, Bruce investigates the origins of the disease to find a cure, thus in hopes of saving Selina.

4. Nightmares in Wonderland - Mad Hatter vs. Freddy Krueger.

5. Double Jeopardy! - Cluemaster vs. Riddler.

6. Icy Assistance - When the summer weather gets too hot for him, Penguin seeks help from Mr. Freeze to find a more suitable habitat.

7. Three Stooges - Carmine Falcone, Rupert Thorne and Ventriloquist/Scarface form an alliance. …

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 24 April 2022

Interactive Maps for everyone!

You get a Map, and you get a Map, and you a Map!

Hey everyone! Fandom recently announced that Interactive Maps are live on the platform. With this feature, communities can design their own interactive maps, allowing you to place pins on an image that will lead to wiki articles when clicked on.

Interactive Maps are available to all communities, accessible from the the "Explore" menu on the local navigation, or by visiting Special:AllMaps directly in the url. Map creation and editing is currently limited to those with the user right editinteractivemap, which is automatically given to administrators and Fandom Staff, and they can make anyone a "map-tester".

You can get very creative with Maps, from creating Maps of the world, to indicating the pa…

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 25 March 2022

Global Wiki Rules and Blocking policy updates

Hey everyone!

About a year after the introduction of the global "Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy", which was created to benefit to overall health of wiki communities, this policy is getting an update based on user feedback and request for more clarity and examples. The changes to the global policy will go into effect on April 4th, 2022. This is the perfect time to come together as a community and review whether or not your wiki is in compliance with the new requirements!

  • 1 The new policy
    • 1.1 What changed?
    • 1.2 Got questions?
    • 1.3 Easy links

  • Rules for your wikis must be defined and easily accessible. This can include putting a link to the rules page on the wiki’s main page or in the top navigation.
  • Rules must include guidelines regarding wiki formatting, …

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Batmanfan7234 Batmanfan7234 25 February 2022

Mr freeze head Canon

Mr freeze does not break out that much

Mr freeze does not kill innocent people

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 31 January 2022

Fandom's plans for the first quarter of 2022

Hey all, first time reaching out to you all in the new year, so I first of all want to start off with the sincere hope that 2022 has been treating you all better than the previous years have. Continue to stay safe!

Secondly, I wanted to share a glimpse of the plans Fandom has in store for the first months of the new year. Brandon, the VP of Community at Fandom, shared a more elaborate blog about it, which you can read here, but this would be the overview:

Interactive Maps

  • In 2021, we released an Interactive Maps alpha to 20 communities.
  • Feedback from the Map testers was invaluable to determining what tools to build into the feature next.
  • After a pause for the last few months of the year, development has once again kicked off on Interactive Maps…
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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 14 January 2022

We have a Discord server

Hi all,

If you've been on any pages lately, you'll have noticed something like this:

Thanks to Lady Lostris and Zacatero, we've got a dedicated server on Discord. We plan to use this for allow further communication and coordinating editing. Our discussion sections and forums have generally become more trivial in recent years, with it being dominated by polls and our own opinions. However, we'd like to use it to discuss editing and hopefully put together a team for the future.

You're welcome to join us. All you need is a Discord account. You can join the server by clicking here or the "Join Us" button on the box.

Hope to see you there.

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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 16 December 2021

Looking for Bureaucrat

Hi All,

Our Wiki Representative as recently suggested we look for a Bureaucrat for the Wiki. Our old one seems to have retired or lost their privileges, so we'd need a replacement asap. Being a Bureaucrat means you'll be able to control user rights and assign staff roles in the community. Admins don't have these privileges, so Stranger and I will contact you if we want to add a new staff member or see someone's rights revoked. It's often given to senior staff/admins, but I thought I'd let other users know the position's available. Ideally, we'd like someone who has worked and know we can trust.

If you're interested, I'd recommend checking out this page. Please let me or Lady Lostris know if you're interested.

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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 25 July 2021

Please Vote on this

Hi All,

(in case you want to skip all this, click here)

With Batman '89 coming up in two weeks time, I've decided to finally decide what will happen to the "Burtonverse" Gordon and Alfred pages. I was going to let the community decide on the forums, but Phantom Stranger has pointed out that it wouldn't be letting other users know. As such, I'm making this to also inform people who are either on the wiki or just monitor our activity.

The original plans were we were going to split or move all pages from the Joel Schumacher films away from the Tim Burton pages. For example, Mr. Freeze from Batman & Robin was moved from "(Burtonverse)" to "(Schumacherverse)". The plan was to do the same for all pages and split the pages for existing characters awa…

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Phantom Stranger Phantom Stranger 20 July 2021

Image Storage Unit


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Joker1943 Joker1943 7 June 2021

Golden Age Arkham Files

Name:Jack Napier


Height:6' 2"

Weight:170 lbs

Eyes: Green







Finding honest work unfulfilling of his personal ambitions, he turned to crime to amass a personal fortune for himself. He first gained attention in early 1940 when he was operating as a masked professional criminal leader known as the Red Hood. The Red Hood and his men attempted to rob a profitable manufacturing business adjacent to a chemical processing plant. Batman and Robin arrived on the scene and the Red Hood abandoned his henchmen, seeking to escape by running through the chemical plant. Batman and Robin cornered him on a catwalk and the Red Hood was left with little choice but to dive off the ca…

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KlassicKLown KlassicKLown 6 November 2020

Clowning Around with the Klown

Hey this is my first Wiki so bear with me. I will usually post comic strips and wallpapers or Ill tell you about what you don't know about Dc or Marvel. This is just the beginning of the mysteries of Dc & Marvel comics.

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Kanethebigredmachine Kanethebigredmachine 7 June 2020

harley quinn

hey everyone it's Batman that i'm upset right now and I don't know why

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Super Poison Ivy Super Poison Ivy 14 April 2020

One of the most trustworthy users in the Villains Wiki

Attention, everybody in the Villains Wiki. I am Super Poison Ivy. I am permanently considered to be one of the most trustworthy and honorable users in the Villains Wiki. I will follow the rules at all times. I will do a great job. I have a strong desire to be constructive. I can always talk to my friends in the Villains Wiki. I will never gloat. I will never break the rules. I will remain unblocked forever. I am here to make the Villains Wiki great. I can perform an action on a great job at all times. I am respected. I am a hero. I act like an innocent person. I am extremely competent and intelligent. I am also known to insert true information. So that's why I am trusted at all times.

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Scar&Hyenas Scar&Hyenas 14 December 2019


From now on, I will be pasting the following on my threads

"My threads are intended to incite discussion. I would not like to receive upvotes or off topic comments as they will clutter my notifications box with unnecessary things I don't care about. You may still upvote but I would rather you didn't."

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Divagirl234 Divagirl234 20 October 2019

if Batman had a choice who do you think he would date ivy,harlequin,catwoman

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Tycio Tycio 8 October 2019

this would be really hard to do

I'm not sure which comic this happened in.

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Kyle12ellis Kyle12ellis 10 August 2019

Batman Wiki

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Zen shadow Zen shadow 6 July 2019


what would you think of a batman/assassin,s creed cgi movie

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DarkFlame6610 DarkFlame6610 8 April 2019

Just starting out

So, I am new to fandom but I plan to make wikis and stuff based around a character I am working on for DC. Expect seeing, a lot of things like that on my profile. Yes, this is a short blog.

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MaleficiousVillain MaleficiousVillain 25 August 2018

Gotham City of Demons: Character Reimaginings

This blog post is dedicated to the biographies of reimaginings of several Batman characters which I've created.  I have all of the bios already planned out but they take some time to type out so stay tuned for updates to the page if interested.

  • 1 Locations
    • 1.1 Gotham City
    • 1.2 Wayne Manor
    • 1.3 Arkham Island
  • 2 Heroes
    • 2.1 The Batman
    • 2.2 Robin
    • 2.3 Batgirl
    • 2.4 Batwoman
    • 2.5 Alfred Pennyworth
    • 2.6 Comissioner Gordon
    • 2.7 The Question
    • 2.8 Detective Harvey Bullock
    • 2.9 The Huntress
  • 3 Rogues Gallery
    • 3.1 The Joker
    • 3.2 The Penguin
    • 3.3 The Riddler
    • 3.4 The Catwoman
    • 3.5 Ra's al-Ghūl
    • 3.6 Poison Ivy
    • 3.7 Two-Face
    • 3.8 Bane
    • 3.9 Killer Croc
    • 3.10 The Scarecrow
    • 3.11 Mr. Freeze
    • 3.12 Harley Quinn
    • 3.13 Clayface
    • 3.14 The Mad Hatter
    • 3.15 Man-Bat
    • 3.16 Deadshot
    • 3.17 Prof. Hugo Strange
    • 3.18 Firefly
    • 3.19 The Phantasm
    • 3.20 The Ventriloquist
    • 3.21…

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Jared123davis Jared123davis 7 May 2018


  • 1 History of Batman The central fixed event in the Batman stories is the character's origin story. As a little boy, Bruce Wayne is shocked to see his parents, the physician Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Wayne, being murdered by a mugger in front of his very eyes. This drives him to fight crime in Gotham City as Batman.
  • 2 Powers and Abilities X-Ray Vision 
  • 3 Believe it or not, Superman isn’t the only member of the Justice League with the power of X-Ray vision, and in many ways the Dark Knight’s visual augmentation may even surpass his vastly overpowered counterpart’s, at least in terms of usefulness.Sure, the comic book incarnation of Batman isn’t particularly well known for his prolific use of X-Ray vision, but in the Arkham series of video …
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Nightslayer2 Nightslayer2 14 March 2018

The Batman Season 6 Ideas

Introduce Villains From The Comics:  Originally there were plans to introduce Two-Face into The Batman, however, because of the Christopher Nolan movie The Dark Knight , that never got to happen and instead Harvey Dent/Two-Face was replaced by Ethan Bennett, who eventually became Clay-Face (I don't mind that at all, I thought it was cool to introduce him and for Clay-Face to be Batman's ally turned enemy). I was thinking his origin should be introduced. Like District Attorney Harvey Dent forms an alliance with Batman and Commissioner Gordon to get rid of mob boss Rupert Thorne prompting Thorne to hire Electrocutioner to kidnap both Dent and Yin to use as a bait in order to trap the Batman. Batman saves the day, however, half of Dent's face …

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123BC 123BC 30 December 2017

Batman (Christine Bale) Birthday

Dear fellow Batman wiki users, how do we know that Bruce's birthday for Batman (Christine Bale) is October 13, 1975? Was it revealed on Bruce's drivers license or something? Please let me know.123BC (talk) 16:48, December 30, 2017 (UTC)

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Nightslayer2 Nightslayer2 25 November 2017

Tim Burton's Batman 3

This what the third movie would've looked like if they had used the original script where Max is the Penguin's brother and if Tim Burton has stayed on. I also borrowed some ideas from the Batman and Detective Comics issues as well as Tim Burton's original plans for Robin.  ==Cast                                ==  Bruce Wayne/Batman (Michael Keaton)-After the eventsregarding Selina Kyle's disappearance, Bruce hascompletely retired as Bruce Wayne and spends moretime being Batman. Alfred is still alive and hasbecome increasingly concerned for Bruce's behavior. Bruce eats and sleeps in the batcavewhile not occupying Wayne Manor which is upstairs.This only concerns Alfred, not Bruce.  Dick Grayson/Robin (Marlon Wayans)-In 1992, Batmanencounter…

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Nightslayer2 Nightslayer2 23 November 2017

Characters That Should Appear In The Comics

In this blog, I thought of some villains and other characters from different versions, like from the movies made by Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton, the Adam West Batman series, and anything that is animated. Here's my list of who I would like to see appear in the New 52 or in any reboot of the Batman comics. 

1. Clay Face (Ethan Bennett) 

2. Max Shreck

3. Charles Shreck 

4. The Red Triangle Circus Gang 

5. H.A.R.D.A.C 

6. Sewer King 

7. Clock King (Morris Tetch)                                                                                           

8. Baby Doll 

9. Carlton Duquesene  

11. Toymaker/Cosmo Krank  

12. Scorn, the Anti-Robin (Andrew Mallory) 

13. Wrath, the Anti-Batman (William Mallory)  

14. Bethanie Ravencroft  

15. The Ghosts 

16. Cop…

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Nightslayer2 Nightslayer2 19 November 2017

Batman Returns

According to the research that I've done, Billy Dee Williams turned down an offer to appear in Batman Returns as Harvey Dent. That would explain why Christopher Walken was elected to play Max Shreck, but it leaves to wonder what Dent's role would've been in the movie. It would've made a lot of sense for Penguin to blackmail Dent instead of Shreck because of Dent having political connections due to being a district attorney (I don't see how a department store owner can have political connections). Perhaps Dent would've had a split personality similar to his version in Batman: The Animated Series and Penguin would've blackmailed Dent with the psychiatric records just like what Rupert Thorne tried to do in the cartoon. If Dent were to appear,…

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Zen shadow Zen shadow 26 July 2017

who is a better batman Christian Bale or Ben Affleck

hey Batman Family I want to know who is better batman

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Owen47 Owen47 22 February 2017

How to Edit

hi i was wondering how you can edit stuff? im new to the Wikia website. thanks

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Zen shadow Zen shadow 5 December 2016

which one is better

Batman Beyond or the batman

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Steven Bomb 17 Steven Bomb 17 8 June 2016

A quiz

I'm sorry if this shouldn't be here but I didn't know where to put this. I'd appreciate it if you took a quiz for me, a serious one but still a quiz 

A quiz

It's about Damian and Jason, basically I made this quiz so I could determine what fans like. In The Flash and Supergirl there is a character in each series that are one of the good guys despite being bad in the comics so I thought "maybe fans would like it if the fates of Jason and Damian where changed." But I had to be sure so here you go. 

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Brittney dugan Brittney dugan 2 February 2016

harley quinn

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Steven Bomb 17 Steven Bomb 17 27 November 2015

Found you!

I had been searching for this show for a very long time as the title suggests. Sigh, I wish they continued The Batman, I discovered Robin and Batgirl through this show, I also wish there were more adaptations of Dick Grayson's origins. Well, just wanted to say that

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MrBlonde267 MrBlonde267 10 November 2015

New animated Batman movie Bad Blood release date announced

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will make Batman: Bad Blood available on Blu-ray Deluxe Edition, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on February 2, 2016. The film will be available in Digital HD on January 19, 2016. We have some information about the upcoming movie's plot from the press release:

The mysterious disappearance of Batman, coupled with the emergence of powerful and malevolent new villains in Gotham City, force Nightwing (voice of Sean Maher) and Robin (Stuart Allan) to take crime-fighting into their own hands – while simultaneously searching for their missing leader. They’re not alone for long. New super heroes Batwoman (Yvonne Strahovski) and Batwing (Gaius Charles) – each armed with her/his own sensibilities, physical abilities and crime…

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MrBlonde267 MrBlonde267 1 October 2015

Batman: Bad Blood Q&A

DC Comics is promoting the upcoming animated movie Batman: Bad Blood at New York Comic-Con this year, and Wikia has an opportunity to interview members of the cast and crew. We're turning to the wiki community and giving you guys a chance to submit questions that you want answered. Do you have any questions about the upcoming movie or any other projects these people are working on? Let us know! Please note that we will only have a limited amount of time, so there's no telling how many questions we'll be able to get through.

We're super excited to say that voice actors Jason O'Mara (Batman), Gaius Charles (Batwing), producer James Tucker, director Jay Oliva, and character designer Phil Bourassa will be there.

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MrBlonde267 MrBlonde267 1 July 2015

Instant Expert on Arkham Knight

Don't worry, this post contains no spoilers. I wouldn't do that to you. I'm not a monster.

If you're a Batman fan with a game console, we know you're already pumped about the new video game Arkham Knight. Arkham Origins was fun but it's great seeing Rocksteady return to the series that they made great. The Wikia gaming team put together a handy guide for anyone interested in Arkham Knight. This installment of Instant Expert has everything you need to know before buying the game, with no Arkham Knight spoilers. It's also a great hub for everything you want to know about Arkham Knight and the Arkham games if you've just started playing.

You can check it out here!

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Fireheart318 Fireheart318 25 June 2015

Who would win in a fight?

Who would win in a fight? Batman or Rico Rodriguez from the Just Cause series? I'll also be posting this on the Just Cause wiki and leaving a link in the comments.

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MrBlonde267 MrBlonde267 10 June 2015

Batman Chair Cape will be available at San Diego Comic Con

DC Entertainment is putting out a new "Chair Cape" through Entertainment Earth! If you have ever wanted to be a superhero when you're at home on the computer, this is your chance. You can put it on the back of your rolling chair and wooooooosh around the office while making obnoxious sound effects. You can check out the details here!

The cape is a convention exclusive that will be available at San Diego Comic Con. The Entertainment Earth booth #2343 will start selling them on July 8th, 2015. It's a limited edition item and there are only 2400, so they will probably sell out fast. If you're not going to be at SDCC, you can still preorder them online. However, supplies are limited, so it is not guaranteed that you will get a copy if they sell…

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 10 June 2015

Make Your Voice Heard and Answer these Arkham Knight Questions

Contribute to the community consensus by answering the below series of polls about Batman: Arkham Knight! The results will be featured in an upcoming Instant Expert feature centered on the game, which we'll be posting soon. Feel free to go into detail about your responses in the comments, as well!

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 9 February 2015

Batman version poll

A poll on the three live action versions of Batman. (not too familiar with the animated series except Return of the Joker)

Like My Little Pony, each Batman has its own style, and in some cases audience range. The TV series is lighthearted and family-friendly, the Tim Burton series is straightforward and on a similar scale to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (serious enough to have characters killed on both sides, but not overly dark), and the Dark Knight trilogy is dark and realistic.

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PizzaDude1988 PizzaDude1988 5 February 2015

Welcome to my page!

Hi I'm PizzaDude1988. And I like




And Marvel Super Heros!

I'm kind of a nerd if you haven't noticed yet. I am very friendly and I like to help Newcomers to the Wiki

Have a nice Day!

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XD1 XD1 24 January 2015

Batman vs. Robin Coming This Spring From Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

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Nicholas-Cornish Nicholas-Cornish 14 January 2015

Arkham Knight Sidemissions

I'm excited for the upcoming game, Batman: Arkham Knight, I've researched each of the previous Arkham Games and I've got an idea as to which characters will be in the game.

  • 1 Man-Bat
    • 1.1 Why?
    • 1.2 The Side Mission
  • 2 Killer Moth
    • 2.1 Why?
    • 2.2 The Side Mission
  • 3 Calendar Man
    • 3.1 Why?
    • 3.2 The Side Mission
  • 4 Anarky
    • 4.1 Why?
    • 4.2 The Side Mission
  • 5 Clayface
    • 5.1 Why?
    • 5.2 The Side Mission
  • 6 Clock King
    • 6.1 Why?
    • 6.2 The Side Mission

Man-Bat hasn't been in a single Arkham Game yet, it was believed that he was referenced in Batman: Arkham Origins, but the evidence showed that he wasn't. Since he hasn't appeared in an Arkham Game yet, it's likely that he will be in the new one as part of a side mission.

This I'm actually not sure about what type of side mission this would be, maybe he comes …

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Ogeboy 22 Ogeboy 22 8 January 2015

Two alternative movie Two-Face

Hi everyone! I have work in Paint little, and this is what I have done!
Two actors has been transfoorm to Two-Face!


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The Demon In Me The Demon In Me 18 November 2014

Phantasm for Arkham Knight

With Arkham Knight being Rocksteady's Final Batman game, I feel now 

would be the prime oppourtunity to give an appearance to a lesser known, but excellent Villain. The Phantasm. I personally feel that the Phanstasm is one of the Caped Crusaders most menacing foes, and though short lived, has had a huge impact on the franchise. Not only would the Phantasm fit right into the dark grim setting of the Arkham games, it would be an excellent chance to put some of the most of the more overused villains to rest for the series. 

Though the Joker is gone, it is undeniable that he will appear in flashbacks, the Scarcrow Gas segments, or some other way as a cameo. Bane or Killer Croc would be prime candidates to replace. Both have appeared in all three…

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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 4 November 2014

BATMAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES - An Option for Every Bat-Fan

Batman: The Complete Series is available to Bat-fans everywhere starting November 11, and now there are different options that fans can choose! Multiple physical, digital editions, and special offers are available, and we have a list of them for you here! According to Rosemary Markson, WBHEG Senior Vice President, TV Brand Management and Retail Marketing, “Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has created an option for virtually every fan’s level of interest, whether that be basking in the highly collectable Limited Edition Blu-ray set or simply enjoying this landmark series in its beautifully re-mastered exhibition on Blu-ray™, DVD or Digital HD.”

First, there is a Limited Edition box set ($269.97), a numbered and beautifully packaged set that spo…

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MaleficiousVillain MaleficiousVillain 11 October 2014

Intro to my Batman character backstory

Hi I'm going to be making a series of blogposts dedicated to my redesigning the backstory of famous Batman characters

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MaleficiousVillain MaleficiousVillain 25 September 2014

Ups and Downs of Redesign

In Batman the Animated series many characters went through a redesign here are the pros and cons


Poison Ivy:  She just looks so much more dark, seductive, plantish and villainous.

Catwoman: Like poison Ivy catwoman's costume is now darker and she is paler. My description may not be that good but lookat the picture of her up it rocks.

Scarecrow:  He may no-longer look like a scarecrow but he's just so much scarier, and awesomer.

Croc: I never really liked the old croc look with the grey and the warts he did'nt really apeal to me but the new is Killer Croc


I'm not even putting pictures because they suck so much

Joker: Colorless

Ventriliquist: Noone has a hed that flat!!!

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Phantom Stranger Phantom Stranger 18 September 2014

It just raises too many questions

Bloging this in case it ever becomes a "unused file"

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