Bone is a mob boss who looks like he is made out of bones.


Bone is a mid-tier gangster of Gotham City, rising the criminal underworld charts, on his way to become a big name. Brutal, violent, extremely vindictive, he comes from a broken family and he has spent the majority of his childhood in a Group Home. The constant abuse he received there made him a soulless individual jealous to the point of obsession of his "nice things", since when he was young he never had the possibility of calling something "his own". Now that he's rich and powerful, he compensates by collecting jewelry, art, ancient coins, all things that make him feel more cultured.

One night Catwoman's apartment is stormed by thugs wearing skull masks. She narrowly escapes the attack, only to have her apartment blown up with explosives. She thinks nothing of it, and goes to stay with her friend Lola MacIntire. After a successful theft, Catwoman comes back to Lola to find her dead, and is attacked by the same gang. Beaten and bruised, the gang's leader Louis Ferryman (also known as Bone) reveals himself to her, claiming that she's stolen quite a lot from him. After taking care of his goons, Catwoman assaults Bone and takes her revenge on him, by beating him almost to death with a baseball bat. Batman intervenes stopping her from killing him, but she tries anyway, throwing him down from a skyscraper. The gangster is saved once more by Batman.


  • Bone appears to be visually based off of The Outsider, a silver-age villain alias of Alfred Pennyworth.
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