Bonk was a powerful, but surly enforcer/muscleman in the Jokerz' ranks. Though amazingly strong, Bonk is not a thug who takes orders willingly. He's got a hair-trigger, and is liable to start up with anyone who gets in his way, be it Batman or Bonk's own Jokerz allies. When questioning if Joker was the genuine clown, Bonk was executed by Joker, with a sharpened "Bang" flag that went straight into his chest.


Ben "Bonk" Knox was a large and brutish member of the third gang of Jokerz. Tasked by the group's leader (an apparently resurrected Joker) with stealing heavy pieces of advanced technology, Bonk (who was more muscle for the gang than brains) had trouble operating a hover lift and went berserk when Batman appeared. During the gang's getaway, Bonk unwisely disengaged from the equipment to pursue Batman across the skies - which caused the equipment to drag the other two lifts down and eventually crash. Smarting over their failure, Bonk got fed up and confronted their leader with Bonk wanting out. The Joker soon obliged by killing Bonk with a smile on his face.

Alternate Future

In an alternate future explored on an episode of Justice League Unlimited, Bonk, now working for the time-traveling villain Chronos, sports a massive hammer that comes out of his arm. He is able to deliver massive damage with this weapon and is one of the toughest of this souped-up Jokerz gang. With Chronos's tampering of the past, not only was Bonk saved from death by Joker (and perhaps they had not served Joker at all), but the Jokerz were all enhanced by Chronos's tech upgrades which he gathers from the future. Bonk confronted the Justice League along with the other Jokerz, but was unable to stop Batman and Green Lantern from undoing Chronos's damage to the time stream.

Powers and Abilities

In the normal time stream, Bonk was a hulking man with brute strength, but little finesse or judgment. He was strong enough to match Batman's enhanced strength, but neither quick enough nor smart enough to beat him in a fair fight. In the alternate time stream, the same was true, except he was also equipped with a cybernetic arm that could transform into a giant sledgehammer.


  • In the edited version of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, The Joker doses Bonk with laughing gas, thus taking his implied death offscreen, and adding another number of visual and audio effects for the facts. As a result, the following oath sequence is cut.


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