Brian Douglas was an ex-cop Batman Impersonator who tried to capture the Chechen and the Scarecrow. He was thwarted by the real Batman, but later captured by the Joker.


Brian Douglas served as police officer in Gotham City. At some point after ending his career in the GCPD, Douglas was approached by Anton, and recruited as a member of the Batmen.

Brian, along with Anton and others, attempted to help Batman deal with Scarecrow and his thugs, by firing guns at them, but Batman halted them. Telling them that he doesn't require help. When Douglas asked the real Batman what differences there were between his group and the Dark Knight, Batman replied "I'm not wearing hockey pads!" Batman leaves him along with the Scarecrow, the remaining thugs and Batmen to be found and arrested by GCPD.

Having either been released or somehow escaped, Brian continues to act as part of the Batmen, which causes him to be captured by the Joker, under the belief of being Batman himself.

Brian's body was later found dangling from a noose tied to his neck and his face painted to look like the Joker. Attached to the body was a Joker card reading "Will the real Batman please stand up?"

However, on a news broadcast, the news anchorman showed exclusive camcorder footage of Douglas tied up to a chair at the Joker's lair, reluctantly admitting his true identity under the order of the Joker, holding the camera. The Joker interrogated Douglas and asked if he was the REAL Batman, and when told "no", pulled the mask off, revealing Brian's face and barking, "Then why do ya dress up like him?!" Brian bravely replied that the reason of his imitation was because Batman is a symbol that everyone doesn't have to be afraid of criminal scum such as the Joker.

The Joker wasn't buying this reply and proceeded to viciously interrogate Brian, asking his opinion on Batman making Gotham City a better place, and demanded fiercely for Brian to face him. The Joker then turned the camera on himself and began a speech on how "crazy" Batman has made Gotham, and that if Batman doesn't reveal his true identity and turn himself in, people will die each day, starting that same night, and then stated that he keeps his promises. Laughing hideously, he lunged at Brian off-camera and as the image shook madly, Brian could be heard screaming in reaction to whatever was happening. His body was then found later, hanging outside the Mayor's office.


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