Briscoe was a pilot and mechanic that took care of Sheba, the covert stealth helicopter used by the Suicide Squad.


Suicide SquadEdit

Amanda Waller makes sure all of the personel is acquired, including Briscoe, who works at Belle Reve, and now was secretly administered as Waller's pilot for her squad. He works Sheba, their jet, and is only asked by Waller to make sure the members are brought to their mission. However, like the members of the Squad, he has a disturbed personality. He had named his helicopter 'Sheba' after his dead daughter, and insisted on sleeping in it at night.

After all of his assigned missions, he realizes that Waller and the Squad are literally fighting for their lives, as Duchess reveals to be one of the Female Furies, a group of furious women who are ordered by Darkseid. As he rushes, the Furies' powers seem too much for him to handle, yet he makes sure that the Squad arrived on Apokolips, safely. However, he was killed while accompanying the Squad on the mission to Apokolips.

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