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The Lamborghini is the luxury automobile used by Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's Batman film trilogy. He drives a Murciélago (which means "bat" in Spanish) roadster in Batman Begins,; a model; Murciélago LP 640;The Dark Knight, it also got crashed in the dark night and a model Aventador LP 700-4 in The Dark Knight Rises.


Batman Begins[]

Bruce Wayne drives up in his Lamborghini to a luxurious Gotham hotel accompanied by two European women exiting his car. The hotel parking valet commented on Bruce's vehicle, referring it as a "nice car". Bruce replied "You should see my other one."

The Dark Knight[]

Bruce takes his Lamborghini out to the streets of Gotham to stop an assassination attempt on Coleman Reese's life issued by the Joker to the citizens of Gotham. Bruce witnesses a driver attempting to hit the police convoy escorting Reese to safety. Bruce speeds up in front and protect the police car by intercepting the blow from the rammed truck that damages Bruce's Lamborghini.

The Dark Knight Rises[]

Bruce's Lamborghini is stolen by Selina Kyle after Bruce confronts her at Miranda Tate's charity ball, the former also excusing her theft to the Valet by stating that she was Bruce's wife. It is later impounded outside Wayne Enterprises after Bruce Wayne loses his fortune.


  • "Murciélago" is the Spanish word for "Bat".