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An underground warehouse was used by Bruce Wayne to store the equipment he used as Batman. Located in Gotham's docks, it was used as an alternate to the cave beneath his ruined family home, whilst Bruce and Alfred resided in a penthouse. Among the equipment stored in the warehouse were the Plated Batsuit, Tumbler and Computer Lab.


The Dark Knight[]

The warehouse's history prior to Bruce Wayne's usage of it is unknown, though it was presumably owned by Wayne Enterprises. After moving to his penthouse during Wayne Manor's reconstruction, Bruce Wayne set up his equipment and new technologies in the warehouse to continue his operations as Batman. The warehouse could be accessed through an elevator hidden within a disused container.

The warehouse was notably used whilst Batman hunted the Joker. The warehouse's facilities were used to reconstruct a bullet left at a murder scene, giving him a lead to follow.

The Dark Knight Rises[]

Despite moving most of his equipment and vehicles back to the Batcave, Bruce continued to store backup equipment in the warehouse in case he was needed again. After returning to Gotham from the Pit, he and Lucius Fox returned to the warehouse to his Batman equipment, including a spare Batsuit and other tools such as the Poison Darts and Mini-Mines.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The warehouse was likely inspired by the Bronze-Age's Batcave II, a disused basement area of the Wayne Foundation Building used by Batman as a second Batcave.