Bruce Wayne is the young son of Thomas and Martha Wayne.


While at his home at Wayne Manor, Bruce is visited by Arthur Fleck who sticks his fingers in Bruce's mouth to form a smile. Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth then sees Arthur off, warning him to stay away.

Bruce exits the theatre with his parents when rioting is carried out in Gotham City by protesters who look up to Arthur Fleck, who is now calling himself Joker. They go into an alley and are confronted by one of the protesters, who shoots Thomas and Martha dead for their "injustice" against the city. This means Joker is the indirect cause of the creation of Batman.


  • Due to Joker acting as a standalone origin movie with a possibility of no sequels, this version of Bruce marks the first time in live action in which the character isn't seen being Batman, although due to the similar origin it is implied he will go onto becoming Batman in the future like other incarnations.
  • This is the third Bruce Wayne in live action to meet the Joker before becoming Batman, following the Burtonverse and Gotham versions of the character.
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