Bruce Wayne appeared in Batwoman as part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. He was played by Kevin Conroy.

The Earth-99 Bruce Wayne was revealed to have broken his moral code, killing most of the Rogues Gallery and the Earth-99 Superman, with the battle leaving him in an exo-suit similar to the Kingdom Come Batman. This Bruce was ultimately confronted by the Earth-1 Batwoman and Earth-38 Supergirl, where an accident caused him to be electrocuted to death.


  • Veteran Bruce Wayne/Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy plays the role in his first live action appearance as the character, having voiced Batman cross various mediums since 1992.
  • He's based on the Kingdom Come version of Batman, although previous sources had originally implied he would be playing a live action version of the Batman: Animated Series Bruce Wayne. Earth-99 is a reference to the year Batman Beyond starts to air.
  • This is the first live-action Bruce Wayne to be shown as truly corrupted, having wiped out many of his villains as well as killing Superman. Although the Ben Affleck Batman came close to murdering Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Darkness, he stopped himself from carrying out the act and showed regret.
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