C.C. Haly was the owner of Haly's Circus, the circus which a young Dick Grayson grew up in.


C.C. Haly owned Haly's Circus when the tragic accident that killed Dick Grayson's parents occurred.


Soon after Dick Grayson's return to the role of Nightwing, he has an assassin by the name of Saiko sent after his head. Dick manages to beat Saiko temporarily, but soon after that is called to Atlantic City to meet with a dying C.C. Haly, who reveals to Dick, that despite his secrets, he knows that Dick has been a hero since leaving the circus. Haly's dying wish is to have Dick inherit the circus, as he had planned for his mother and father to do the same prior to their deaths.

Dick takes the deed and leaves, but is soon called back to Haly, as he is called by Saiko who has managed to get Haly to spill Dick's secret. Dick fights Saiko once again, causing the warehouse to catch on fire, but Dick is more focused on saving Haly. Dick manages to get Haly out of the burning building, but his injuries are too severe. With his dying breath, Haly tells Dick that the killers are after a secret within the "heart of the circus."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Business Management