Calendar Girl is a minor villain in The New Batman Adventures. She appears in the episode, "Mean Seasons".


Paige Monroe is a former model and actress who's fame dwindled as she got older. Monroe's transformation into a villain and one of Batman's colorful opponents was out of vanity. After her modeling and acting career dried up and she vanished from public view, she could not find work. It was never clearly discussed what she did in the years after professional career ended. It can only be assumed that she spent that time plotting revenge, gathering resources and fostering a deep seated psychotic obsession with getting revenge on those people and companies/brand names who had turned their back on her when she turned 30.

She eventually re-emerged as Calendar Girl and proceeded to attack each of her former employers — Gotham Motors and Donna Days Fashion on the anniversary of her contract expiration. Each contract expired during a different season and she dressed in a themed costume for each occasion, with her attacks having a similar theme. Additionally, she hired and/or used attractive male henchmen. Calendar Girl was based out of an old nightclub she owned called Faces. Her plans for revenge were thwarted by Batman and his team. She is unmasked revealing that she was still beautiful. Batman points out that she can't see that anymore, because all she sees are the flaws.


She mainly uses explosive weapons that look like holiday ornaments such as easter eggs and candy corn earrings. She also seems trained in physical combat seeing as that she was almost able to defeat Batman in battle using a scythe.

She also has three henchmen that do her bidding.


Page is at least in her 30's. She would never allow anyone to look at her face so she wore a mask. Her outfit consisted of a long sleeved dress with tights. They all looked the same, but differed in color and ability depending on what holiday she was.

Easter - Green with Easter egg explosives. Some egg bombs would release ribbons that trapped people.

4 July - Yellow with a top hat and sash that had an American flag color scheme. The sash was used to trap people and the outfit and hat shot out fire works.

Halloween - Orange with candy corn earrings. She used explosive jack-o-lanterns and the earrings were smoke bombs.

Day of the Dead - Black with a scythe.

She seems to be body dysmorphic.


  • Sela Ward, who provided her voice also developed and produced a documentary titled "The Changing Face of Beauty". The documentary was focused on the American obsession with youth in women.
  • Her name is likely a reference to Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe.
  • Calendar Girl is a reimagining of the silver-age villain known the the Calendar Man. She also bears resemblance to the bronze-age villain known as the Manikin.


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