After her father. The Acro-Bat, a costumed superhero in a low-level superteam, was murdered by a villain named Doctor Trapps, Cameron Chase dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice. Eventually becoming a highly skilled and prized DEO agent, Chase had a number of solo adventures before becoming part of Manhunter's escapades. A relationship with tech guru Dylan Battles has recently produced a pregnancy and will likely affect her work. Cameron's father, Walter Chase, was Acrobat of the Justice Experience, a team of heroes that existed after the Justice Society, but before the Justice League. Her dislike of costume crime fighters stems from her childhood, when the maniacal Dr. Trap murdered her father. Cameron blamed his death on the clandestine nocturnal antics that had made him a target. Dr. Trap later tried to kill Chase, but the Martian Manhunter intervened.

DEO Agent

Former private detective Cameron Chase became one of the top agents in the Department of Extra-normal Operations, a branch of U.S. intelligence that keeps tabs on the Earth's meta-humans and supernatural beings. Working under Director Bones, Chase has discovered the alternate lives employed by the shape-changing Martian Manhunter, she has run a mission with the Suicide Squad, played bodyguard for the Teen Titans during a toy store opening and tried to deduce the true identity of the Batman she mistakenly concluded that he was Green Lantern Alan Scott.

Team Up With Nemesis

She has also helped to recruit Kate Spencer to work with the DEO and has assisted her on many occasions. She starts a relationship with Kate's tech assistant, Dylan Battles. In the future, Cameron and Dylan later marry, though her career keeps her away most of the time. Cameron is later imprisoned by the Global Peace Agency along with Nemesis and other government operatives. Cameron and Nemesis struggle to escape the reality altering prison they are confined in.


Director Bones eventually sends Chase to Gotham City in order to capture Batwoman, who is being investigated by the D.E.O. for possible connections to a terrorist cell. Chase attempts to arrest Batwoman during a confrontation at the Gotham waterfront, but Batwoman escapes after breaking's one of Cameron's arms.

Powers and Abilities

  • Highly Intelligent
  • Computer Expert
  • Handgun Expert


  • In the 853rd Century, an operative for the DEO known only as Chase polices the sale of black-market "power icons" at a colony on Mars. Whether or not this version of Agent Chase is a descendant of Cameron Chase has yet to be clarified.


  • Her father was Acro-Bat of the Justice Experience.
  • In her own monthly, she made frequent reference to having won a fistfight with Batman.

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