Candy was one of two high-ranking officers, alongside Tracey Buxton within the criminal mastermind, The Penguin's Gang.

Batman's Database Profile Edit

Candy was raised on the streets, although she nonetheless managed to get up the ladder and earn her business degree. Due to lean times as well as a declining jobs market, however, she saw work as one of Penguin's minions to gain some money, though she still has a high chance of rehabilitation as, association with Penguin aside, she had no criminal record.

History Edit

Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

At some point, Candy, while "fishing" for information, uncovered information that related to Roman Sionis's connection to Black Mask (namely, that he's a mask collector). She informed Penguin of that, who decided to do some sleuthing of his own as a rival of Black Mask.

When Batman broke into The Final Offer, she was contacted by Tracey, who requested assistance against Batman due to the latter tearing through "their best and brightest." However, as Candy was busy aiding the Penguin in interrogating Alberto Falcone, she wasn't able to give any direct aid. During the interrogation, Candy, when Penguin inquired about what happened before that moment, informed her boss about Alberto's refusal to have his father, Carmine Falcone drop out of the weapons laundering business as well as his insulting the mob boss as a "psychotic little bastard." Candy went into hiding when Batman interfered with any further torture and proceeded to after he defeated Penguin's minions, to interrogate her boss himself. After Candy watched Batman defeat one of the assassins sent after him, Deathstroke, with her boss, Penguin then led her into his office, and also smacked her rear end seductively, which she didn't seem to mind but rather seemed flattered. She then, alongside Tracey, appeared in a video transmission with Penguin to taunt the Batman when he attempted to enter Penguin's Office, and presumably spent the night with him.

Cold, Cold HeartEdit

On New Year's Eve, Penguin planned to have Candy prepare a nice hot bath after he was freed from encasement in an icy wall, as well as execute his henchmen by dunking them in it.

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