Captain Jones was a special ops captain who snuck into Gotham City to help fight against Bane and his forces.


The Dark Knight Rises

Captain Jones was snuck into Gotham City along with two other men to assist Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department in freeing the city from under Bane's rule. He, his two other special ops men, and John Blake went to find Lucius Fox and Miranda Tate in a building where they and many others had been staying. After Jones spoke with them and was informed about the nuclear bomb, Bane's henchmen poured into the building and opened fire. Jones and his two men provided a distraction so Blake could escape with Miranda but both of Jones's men soon fell and he too, was injured. When Bane approached him, he said he would never talk. Bane then killed Jones and captured the refugees in the building, including Fox. Jones and the other two men were hanged outside for the world to see. Bruce Wayne destroyed the TV in the Pit prison in disgust. Blake said he suspected someone told Bane of the presence and location of the special forces men, later revealed to be Miranda a.k.a. Talia al Ghul of the League of Shadows, who helped mastermind the plot to destroy the city.