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Captain Stingaree is a foe of the Batman, a criminal who commits crimes using a pirate motif.


Born one of a set of quadruplets, Karl Courtney was always the black sheep of the family. Adopting the alias of Karl Crossman, Courtney became a small-time crook, a failure who was arrested in Central City. Convicted, Karl shared a prison cell with Flash rogue Captain Cold. After being released, Courtney moved to Gotham City, and opened a restaurant in a life-size pirate ship model called "Stingaree". Inspired by the infamous and colorful famous rogues gallery of Gotham City, Karl set out to become a costumed criminal.

Donning a cutlass and pirate outfit, Karl becomes Captain Stingaree and begins to establish himself into Gotham's underworld. In his first outing, Captain Stingaree attempts to uncover Batman's secret identity.

Captain Stingaree.

His one flaw was that somehow Stingaree had become convinced that his three brothers were actually Batman, wearing the same uniform. Learning of Stingaree's incorrect data, Batman approached the Courtney brothers to pose as Batman and act as bait for Stingaree. Captain Stingaree began kidnapping his brothers one by one, actually believing himself to be succeeding, which allowed the real Batman to entrap Stingaree. After Karl was finally captured through the combined efforts of Batman and the Flash, Batman discovered that the villain had believed his three brothers to be Batman as a result of his longtime grudge against them because he was always considered the black sheep of his family. (Detective Comics #460)

Captain Stingaree joined the Secret Society of Super Villains after his old cellmate Captain Cold helped him escape prison during a jailbreak. Teaming up with Cold and Captain Boomerang, the three captains went on a crime spree kidnapping other captains to show supremacy over air, land and sea, before they are taken down by Captain Comet and Black Canary. (Secret Society of Super Villains #6 (April 1977))

Captain Stingaree meets at an old warehouse with other enemies of Batman. While there, Stingaree and the other villains brand Talia a traitor. While Talia escapes, Captain Stingaree is accidentally frozen by Mr. Freeze in the confusion. (Detective Comics #526) Later, Captain Stingaree makes his last Post-Crisis appearance alongside his secret lover The Cavalier fighting the Secret Six.

Powers and Abilities[]

Captain Stingaree is a skilled swordsman.