Cardinal O'Fallon is the Irish- Catholic high priest of Gotham Cathedral.


Cardinal O'Fallon was kidnapped by Killer Croc in the middle of his evening sermon at Gotham Cathedral under orders from the Scarecrow. The Cardinal had been very active in social outreach, helping to serve Gotham's poor and needy and provide for their material and spiritual needs. This angered Scarecrow, as he wanted more and more poor, hopeless souls to turn to him and join him, and the hope that O'Fallon's ministry was providing to Gotham's desperate citizens was hindering this goal. So, he arranged O'Fallon's kidnapping in order to then kill him in a crude show- trial in Scarecrow's lair in the city's sewer system. The Scarecrow was about to execute 'the holy man' until Batman stopped him and rescued the Cardinal. He then escaped from the sewers with and helped Cardinal O'Fallon get safely into Gordon's and his Major Crimes Unit (MCU)'s helicopter. The cops offered the vigilante a ride as well, only for Batman to say "Maybe next time" and glide off into the night. Afterwards, Cardinal O'Fallon presumably resumed his ministry to the needy citizens of Gotham.

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