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"Falcone has half the city bought and paid for. Drop it."
―Carl Finch to Rachel Dawes[src]

Carl Finch was the District Attorney in Gotham City before Harvey Dent. He was present at the trial of Joe Chill's parole. Finch dedicated his career to eliminating crime in Gotham, which made him an enemy of crime boss, Carmine Falcone. Rachel Dawes was in a relationship with Finch. He was murdered by a corrupt cop, presumably on orders from the League of Shadows, after he uncovered the Microwave Emitter.


Batman Begins

Finch was first seen when he was Joe Chill's lawyer trying to convince Judge Faden of giving Chill early parole as he had spent fourteen years in prison and had apparently learned from his mistake of killing Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Years later, Finch was at the Gotham Courthouse Lobby when Dr. Jonathan Crane asked him to get Rachel Dawes off his back about his opinion on Victor Zsasz going to Arkham Asylum; instead of County General. Finch and Dawes conversed about him caring for her personally, but Dawes cut him off, told him they were going to stick as friends, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. All of the conversation happened while Bruce Wayne watched from afar at a telephone booth in a run down disguise.

After Bruce became Batman and had saved Rachel at the train station, Dawes had obtained proof from Batman to get Falcone into prison, and leverage against Judge Faden to give a trial. Finch was seen again officially stating that the hunt on Falcone had started for them.

Finch later investigates claims of an extra Wayne Enterprises compartment than what the records sheet said. Finch and two cops discover this true, and open it, revealing the stolen Microwave Emitter. While Finch was momentarily distracted by this, one of the cops (who was presumably aligned with the League of Shadows, the group responsible for its presence after using it to kill the crew of a tanker) took a rifle and shot Finch dead.

Finch was mentioned by Dawes to Bruce that he was "missing". Finch is not mentioned again, but it is implied he is known as dead anyway due to her mentioning that he'll probably turn up in the harbor anyhow.