"What kind of damage are we looking at?"
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Carl Grissom was the most powerful crimelord in Gotham City prior to Batman's emergence.

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Carl Grissom was the most powerful crime lord in Gotham City, with some or even most of the GCPD on his payroll, including Lieutenant Eckhardt. When the recently-elected District Attorney Harvey Dent began to make connections between Grissom and Axis Chemicals, Grissom panicked, and knew that the evidence that was stored at the plant was enough to have him sent to the electric chair.


Carl Grissom speaking to Jack Napier.

Grissom also found out somewhere along the line that his mistress, Alicia Hunt, had an affair with his second-in-command, Jack Napier (it's implied that he may have found out from crooked GCPD Lieutenant Eckhardt due to the latter's asking under his breath "Where [has Jack Napier] been spending [his] nights?"). In revenge, Grissom sent Napier and his men to Axis Chemicals to seize the evidence before Dent could. At the same time, Grissom called Eckhardt and ordered him to lead a team of police officers to kill Napier. The plan failed when Commissioner Gordon intervened to take Napier in alive as a potential witness. Eckhardt then attempted to escape, but was shot in the chest and was killed by a vengeful Napier. Napier was then confronted by Batman, but fell into a vat of chemicals, and left Grissom to believe that he was dead, much to his delight.

The next night, after a shower, Grissom had a visit from Napier, who survived the ordeal and wanted revenge. Grissom feigned relief, but Napier scoffed him, and played wise to his moves. Grissom then pleaded for his life by offering to cut a new deal with Napier, but Napier refused and instead revealed his new identity: The Joker, with white skin, green hair, and a widened and permanent red grin. At that point, Joker shot Grissom to death and took over his criminal empire.

Though Grissom's empire would eventually crumble following the Joker's death, this would eventually pave way for the rise of Batman's more freakish enemies such as the Penguin, Catwoman, the Riddler, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane.

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  • Grissom is based on Rupert Thorne and was previously identified as such in earlier drafts of the script by Steve Englehart. In that version Thorne sent Joe Chill to murder Thomas Wayne, who ran against Thorne for City Council. When Sam Hamm was hired he "normalized" the name and removed the Wayne murders connection. Hamm also changed Silver St. Cloud to Vicki Vale for similar reasons.
  • Carmine Falcone may have also been the inspiration. Like Falcone, Grissom appeared to be a very powerful mob leader who had some control over Gotham.


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