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Carmilla Karnstein was Dracula's vampire bride, who was killed by exposure to sunlight, presumably before they were going to marry. According to legend her bloodthirst rivaled even his own. Carmilla feeds off of souls and life energy instead of just feeding on blood like most other vampires. How she would feed on souls and life energy is never explained.


Dracula seeks to resurrect Carmilla with a new human soul. He finds one in Vicky Vale, a television news-reporter whom he grows an attraction to and seems to vaguely resemble Carmilla when she was still alive, save for her nose, hairstyle and hair color. Dracula states to the Batman that he will "offer up [Batman's] corpse as a wedding gift," revealing that after her resurrection, their wedding was going to occur and she would have become Dracula's wife and thus Queen of the Vampires.

Instead of just feeding on blood like her to-be husband, Carmilla also feeds off of souls and life energy.

Using Vicky's body and life-force, Dracula nearly succeeded in resurrecting his love with a new soul, but The Batman intervened after defeating Dracula’s minions, known as the “Lost Ones," and interrupted the process, bringing the life back into Vicky, taking the life out of Carmilla once again, and allowing her to escape from Dracula’s clutches. As Carmilla quickly turned back into ashes, she emitted a loud scream.


  • Dracula: (holding urn containing her ashes) "Carmilla suffered the fate of immolation by sunlight; an almost permanent death. Mere blood cannot repair her as it would a punctured heart. To resurrect my bride, she must feed upon the very essence of life itself."
  • Dracula: "Good boy. Once my bride has had her fill, I shall offer up your corpse as a wedding gift."