Cash Tankison is a character in The Batman.


Cash Tankinson is a detective that thinks he is the best detective on earth. He dreams of doing dangerous missions. The third-person talking Cash Tankinson drives like a maniac and thinks only of reaping the rewards of his job. Thinking he could handle the Joker alone, Cash runs into action, despite Yin's orders not to, and gets himself gassed by Joker. After being revived by The Batman's antidote, Cash resigned from field work to a desk job, saying he needed a "break."

Cash returned to protect Bruce Wayne from Cosmo Krank, a disgruntled company owner who was shut down by Wayne Enterprises for making violent and dangerous toys. While he failed miserably in protecting Wayne, his courage was admirable and The Batman saw this and gave his thanks to Cash in front of Gordon.


Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Voiced byEdit

  • Patrick Warburton (English)
  • Waldemar Barwinski (Polish)
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