An envious Catwoman disrupts a luncheon honoring the 10 best-dressed women in Gotham City and sets off a hair-raising bomb, irepparably ruining the hairdos of all the ladies there. Later, Catwoman invades a magazine fashion show and attempts to swipe all of the one-of-a-kind dresses. While her henchmen, Angora and Manx, subdue Batman and Robin with some bolts of cloth, Catwoman bolts into the models' dressing room, knowing full well that the naturally gentlemanly Dynamic Duo wouldn't dare enter a ladies' dressing room with their eyes closed! Batgirl arrives to free The Duo from the cloth, and, with her eyes wide open, enters the dressing room alone and is overpowered by Catwoman, and spirits her off to her Catlair in an abandoned loft in The Garment District on 32 Pussyfoot Road before The Dynamic Duo realize what's happened! The Catwoman later contacts The Batman and informs her of her Catlair's location, where she has tied Batgirl down to a conveyor belt leading to a giant pattern-cutting machine, which in a matter of minutes will cut her into a purr-fect pinafore! Believing Catwoman plans the pilfering of The Golden Fleece, a solid-gold dress belonging to the visiting Queen Bess Of Belgravia, from The Belgravian Embassy, The Caped Crusader finds himself in somewhat of a dilemma. As The Catlair and The Embassy are miles apart, he is torn between rescuing Batgirl and preventing an international incident by stopping Catwoman's theft of The Fleece! A quick-thinking Batman phones Alfred Pennyworth and sends him to rescue The Dynamic Daredoll; Alf disguises himself as the world' oldest-living hippie in order to prevent Batgirl from recognizing him and tip her off as to the connection between Batman and Bruce Wayne. Batgirl then rushes by Batgirlcycle to The Embassy to join her partners in crime-fighting. Meanwhile Batman and Robin are already there to confront Catwoman, who is convinced that they have sacrificed Batgirl in her time of need order to arrest her; she soon learns differently when Batgirl arrives to join The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder in apprehending Catwoman, Angora and Manx! The Dynamic Trio is given honorary medals by The Belgravian Embassy when they learn that Egghead and Cossack Queen Olga are up to no good again...








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