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Catwoman wears a pair of hi-tech goggles with large lenses to pull off heists. The color of the lenses can vary. It also seems to complete the look of the cowl on her catsuit as she usually has nothing to cover her eyes when she lifts them up.



The goggles provide Selina with night vision primarily. She can also see security lasers.

Background Information and Notes[]


This concept was created by Darwyn Cooke when he illustrated Selina this way in what would become Batman: Ego, which didn't see publication till 2007. The first published appearance of the goggles was when Cooke revitalized the character with Catwoman #1 in 2001.

Usage in outside media adaptations[]

The first major appearance was in the 2004 The Batman episode The Cat and the Bat. The goggles seem to have become more relevant to outside media appearances than even the claws and whip as she only has the goggles in The Dark Knight Rises and Gotham television series. Goggles have appeared on every catsuit in video games since their debut.


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