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Catwoman is the name assumed by cat burglar Selina Kyle. She is known for stealing from the wealthy.


Selina Kyle is a charity fundraiser by day and cat burglar by night. This led her to cross paths with the Batman. They both fought ninjas of Hideo Katsu together and Yin notes the similarities to the two of them.

When they were both after statues in museums, Catwoman teamed up with Penguin, hoping to fool him at the end of their "agreement" and take both of the statues. Once the statues were both captured, however, Penguin double-crossed Catwoman first, taking the statues and harnessing their power. Before leaving her however, he handcuffed her to Batman in un-breakable shielding and wiring. The pair went after Penguin, who started to use the statues powers to control and send out very powerful bursts of light that melted anything they touched.

Though Catwoman and Penguin escaped together to get away from The Batman, they were handcuffed by The Batman beforehand, keeping them together, with The Batman holding the only key.

Catwoman found a new enemy in Ragdoll, a multi-jointed contortionist able to bend himself in every possible shape he can think of. When they both tried to steal and fence the same items, a rivalry began to brew between them; but while Ragdoll got taken away to Arkham, Catwoman was able to elude The Batman and GCPD, once again.

Later she got captured, along with Batman and Batgirl, by The Joker. They had to escape his maze or the two panthers he captured would die. She believes animals belong in the wild, suprising Batgirl. They get out and she disappears yet again.

Her last appearance was when she was captured by Rumor alongside Penguin. Once freed, she's the only one that doesn't fight against Batman and Robin while the other Villains do it. At the end of the episode, Batman and Robin let her go for the help she gave them.


As Catwoman, Selina wears a sleek and slim jumpsuit with pointy and big cat ears at the top and a red interior. The suit comes with a wide collar that she can pull up to hide/protect her face or pull down (presumably to breath easier). On her face, she wears a pair of orange goggles around her eyes. The tips of her feet are red, and the lower part is purple, both the feet and the hands. Around her waist she wears a gray utility belt for her weapons such as her whip.

In her civilian form, Selina's usual outfit is a yellow long sleeved button down shirt worn over a brown knee-length dress with a small slit on both sides of the skirt. On her legs, she wears white pantyhose and on her feet, she wears brown high heels. While also in her civilian form, Selina will wear her long black hair up in a bun and wears a small pair of glasses on her face.


The Batman

The Batman Strikes

  • Issue 6: "The Cat's Prize"
  • Issue 13
  • Issue 14
  • Issue 24
  • Issue 27
  • Issue 30
  • Issue 32 " How to Take Out a Room Full of Goons
  • Issue 39 " Hostile Takeover"
  • Issue 40 "The Burning Question" (mentioned)
  • Issue 41 " Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" (merchandise only)
  • Issue 45 " Gotham Girls: Honor Among Thieves"

Voiced by

  • Gina Gershon (English)
  • Takako Honda (Japanese)
  • Pepa Castro/ Maythe Guedes (Spanish)
  • Maddalena Vadacca (Italian)
  • Elzibieta Jedrzejewska (Polish)
  • Kisztina Kisfalvi (Hungarian 1. version)
  • Janka Solecki (Hungarian 2. version)



  • In The Laughing Cats, she's shown to be ticklish when Bud and Lou lick her face.
  • This iteration of Catwoman is never unmasked by The Batman and it is likely he doesn't know she is Selina Kyle.

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