"Downtown Babylon"

Magdalene sees her sister, Selina, in a cat-suit, beating up her pimp, Stan, for kicking a cat. Selina is now on the run. Magdalene realizes that she is now Catwoman, under the influence of Batman. Magdalene sees Holly, and asks her if she has seen this woman. Magdelene shows a picture of Selina to Holly. Magdelene is then feeding the cats out side her church, and Selina comes to her. Selina is told the most recent news, which is that her father died, and that when mom left and died, it wasn't Selina's fault. Stan comes behind Magdalene and knocks her out. Magdalene is missing and the cops and Sister Elizabeth is out looking for her. Selina goes and finds a gold crucifix and prays for Maggie. Magdalene is praying as well, and tied up in Stan's apartment, where he berates her.


"Downtown Babylon"



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