Charlie Collins was ordinary suburban family man living in Gotham City. After a bad day at work, he snapped at a car that pulled in front of him, only to learn that the driver was actually the Joker. After a long chase, Joker finally caught Charlie. Begging for his life, the criminal decided to spare Charlie in return for pulling off a favour. After the event, Charlie fled Gotham City with his family, moving to Springdale, Ohio and changing his name to "Don Wallace". Unknown to him, Joker actually kept tabs on him and his family.

Two years after the incident, Charlie received a phone call from the Joker, who requested he fulfilled the favour. Travelling back to Gotham City by plane, he was picked up by Joker's henchwoman, Harley Quinn, and taken to meet the Clown Prince of Crime. Charlie learned that the favour was actually to let Joker's henchmen and a cake into Commissioner Gordon's testimonial dinner. Agreeing, Charlie secretly tried to alert Batman, resorting to shining a light onto a prototype glider in the museum.

When Joker arrived, Charlie fulfilled his end but was stuck to the door handle by an adhesive placed onto it prior by the criminal. Left to die in the bomb left behind, he and the other guests were saved by the timely intervention of Batman, who had seen Charlie's signal. Freed from the door, Charlie gained access to Joker's truck and took a prank bomb from it. Using it, he threatened to kill the Clown Prince of Crime. When Batman arrived, Joker was intimidated enough to hand over everything he had gathered on Charlie and his family over the last two years. Now safe, Charlie revealed the deception and left for home, now more appreciative of his life.

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