Chuckles was an accomplice of the Joker in the Robbery of Gotham National Bank.


Bank heist

When they were briefed on the heist on the way to the bank, Chuckles pointed out to Grumpy that they have to split it into six shares instead of five and pointed out that the person who planned the heist also counted; Chuckles was accosted by Grumpy, who implied that Joker didn't deserve a share for "sitting out". Along with Grumpy and "Bozo" (actually Joker in disguise), he was one of three henchmen who took over Gotham National Bank's Lobby. Chuckles just knocked out a security guard with his gun and ordered people to stay down when he was shot in the back and killed by the Manager of Gotham National Bank. It was unknown if Chuckles had a double-cross method or not, as he was killed before his, Bozo, and Grumpy's parts in the double-crosses began. However, Grumpy's mention of "[Joker] telling [Grumpy] something similar" when he was about to kill Happy as well as "Bozo's" admittance that his role in the double-crosses was to kill the Bus Driver implied that, had Chuckles lived, he most likely would have been ordered to kill Grumpy.


Behind the Scenes


A collectible Chuckles mask.

  • A clown named Chuckles appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He may have taken his call sign from that fictional clown. Similar to the bank robber, his namesake was also killed unexpectedly. In that case, however, it was from an rogue elephant during a Circus parade, of which he was the Grand Marshal.
  • Chuckles used a MAC-10 with a custom-fitted stock. He also took a revolver from the security guard.


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