Chucky Berks was a counterfeiter and a murderer.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Chucky Berks attempted to do a counterfeiter scheme with a mob of criminals who were implied to be infamous. On Christmas Eve, during one of their counterfeiting schemes at Dixon Docks, the investigative journalist, Owen Grant, uncovered the counterfeiting attempt and took pictures, including one of Berks. Unfortunately, Berks managed to spot Grant and managed to shoot him in an attempt to cover his tracks. Although Grant died from his wounds while he tried to crawl to safety, Berks was unable to find the incriminating camera, which caused him to panic. Batman learned of the shooting from a police scanner, and managed to deduce Berk's role after he located the camera. Batman then tracked Berks down to the Diamond District, where the latter was trying with difficulty to get his fellow gang members to help him find the camera before the cops arrived (with the latter party being reluctant to help due to the likelihood of the cops being nearby). After he subdued the gang, Batman then interrogated Berks about his role in killing Grant, and left him to be apprehended by the GCPD.

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