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The Circus of Strange or  Le Cirque D'etrange (broken French: The Circus of Weird) is a criminal syndicate which operates out of a travelling circus which they also theme themselves around.

They first appeared in Batman and Robin #1 in the August of 2009 and were created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.


The circus of the strange is a circus-themed gang lead by the deranged Dr. Lazlo Valentin AKA Professor Pyg. Pyg uses the gang to aid in his kidnappings as a means of turning captives into his brainwashed Dollotrons.

Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne) got involved in the gang when hunting down a member known as Mr. Toad.


Appearances in Other Media

Batman: Arkham Knight

The Circus is referenced in Professor Pyg's past in this game. A poster for the circus can be seen in his lair and audio tapes of Pyg acting as a barker for the show can be found.


  • The circus bears many similarities to the Red Triangle Gang from Batman Returns (1993). Namely that they are both traveling circuses which double as criminal operations with their ranks being made up of criminal side-show performers, lead by a deformed supervillain mastermind (Professor Pyg and the Penguin respectively).
  • "Le Cirque D'etrange" is a failed attempt to translate "The Circus of Strange" in french as the correct translation would be "Le Cirque de l'Étrange"